Kisfaludy 2030 Program

The supported project was implemented within the framework of  the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program.

Fiesta Balaton:

Beneficiary’s name: Márta Hárai-Mészáros

Address of the supported project: 8624 Balatonszárszó, Kossuth Lajos u. 7. 

Application ID: TFC-M-1.1.2-2020-06116  

The amount of the contracted support: HUF 5,000,000

Extent of the support: 100%

Completion date of the supported project: 30 September 2021

Brief description of the content of the supported project:

Our goal was to renovate and modernize the accommodation’s inner and outer appearance, as well as to increase the quality of our accommodation services. 

We also purchased certain equipment directly connected to accommodation services, and created a comfortable outer space area to please our guests’ every need.